Vbgamecoins.com is a specializein-game virtual currency retailer and a subsidiary of MMO account market leader Vbarrack.com.


Our parent company Vbarrack.com was established in 2007 by a group of experienced MMORPG players in response to the rapid growth in the MMORPG market. Over the next couple of years Vbarrack.com became one of the industry's most recognized services provider, providing a unique online customer service experience to our patrons.


Vbgamecoins.com is a part of ongoing efforts to offer a world class service to our most passionate game enthusiasts. We decided to separate our games and in-game currency division to enable us to provide a tailor made solution for our valued customers and further expand our business.


Our live support is available 24/7 and our customer services representative teams are also experienced games players that understand our customer needs.


US Toll Free Number1-866-657-4438

Please feel free to contact us by sending your email to: [email protected]